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Our Practice Members Speak
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
  • Benefits: So many, increased energy, better movement in neck and back, changed appetite (full faster, snack cravings gone). Dizziness/Light Headedness tremendously better, Fibro-Fog better, Pain meds cut in half, circulation in legs improved, bruises healing faster, daily headaches gone, Restless Leg Syndrome gone, have not used asthma inhaler since starting Bio Cranial, hands are less stiff and the list could go on...

                                                 Debi P.


  •  I have Mild Cerebral Palsy and he helped me out with it.  I was born with my feet turned inwards and he helped straighten (my feet) them out.  With the bio-cranial it gave me more energy as well as making my days more enjoyable.  I do recommend him for anyone who has challenges and other things. Dr. Ross was really nice.

                                               Mitch B.  


  •  2 month old baby, blocked tear duct, unequal eye size, sucking problems. She has become a PRO-nurser since her sucking muscles are now working properly, her tear duct is working properly (no longer has goop in her eye). Her left eye now looks about the same size as her right eye.

                                                  Karina L.  



  •  Neck pain, low back pain and chronic acne: The Bio Cranial in conjunction with neuromuscular massage stabilizing my lower back, now I function as I did before. I am no longer using topical antibiotic and Retin A for my facial acne; it has pretty much cleared up. This has been a chronic problem for almost 9 years.

                                                  Heidi L. 

 Ankylosing Spondylitis, visual problems (associated with stroke to optic chiasm). (Since starting Bio Cranial 5 weeks ago) "can now turn head without pain or restriction and can walk without being stooped. Passed an opthamology exam in which peripheral vision returned. Breathing and walking are now easier."

                                                  Arnold D.


  • Chronic Anxiety and Depression. (After Cranial Care) "I no longer have any symptoms of anxiety or depression. (I have had) Significant increases in: Ability to remain calm under stress, confidence, physical strength and stamina, feeling of being grounded, coordination...and most significant of all is for the first time in my life, I feel that my heart and head are connected."

                                                 Pat F. 



  • Pain in neck, shoulder and arm, two surgeries on neck C5-C6, C6-C7 Diskectomy with fusions.  "I am now completely off prescribed medications... started to feel relief almost right away (after  Cranial Treatments). Pain in neck, shoulder , arm and hand has almost disappeared..  My quality of life has been almost fully restored to where it was before, if not better now."

                                                - Terry H. 



  • "I've experienced a MIRACLE".Sciatica (over 1 1/2 years) and trying to correct problems before they appear. Benefits noticed since Cranial care; "Eye sight has improved, much stronger in my workouts (yoga, strength training, walking and swimming) and Sciatica GONE  after 1st Bio Cranial teatment. Do it now, it will benefit you in ways you never expected."

                                          Bonnie G.  



  • My 13 year old son (w/Cerebral Palsy) would walk with his feet pointed in and rapid eye movement (Nystagmus) when he looked right or left. (Since the  Cranial care) His feet are forward and his eye movement isn't as rapid as it was in the beginning.  He seems to be more confident, walks with head and shoulders upright instead of head down and shoulders droopy.

                                                - Yolanda S.   


  • Eyes light sensitive since 1961 head injury, Stomach problems since five years old, Muscle stiffness since 1999 (Sjogrens Syndrome and Neuropathy), Insomnia off and on since 1967. "Amazing, ...eye light sensitivity 95% gone after one treatment, I can now go outside without sunglasses; no more stomach pains after two treatments, muscle stiffness improved 75% and insomnia is gone. Try it (Cranial care) and you may become hooked."

                            - Clifford K (71 years old) 



  • I am a 40-year-old female that has had a lot of trauma in my life.  When I was 10 years old I fell off my bicycle and fractured my right femur; two years later I was hit by a boat propeller and almost lost my right leg.  When I learned to walk after the boat injury I walked on the ball of my foot and toes. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and as a borderline diabetic at the age of 38. 3 months ago I had a fall; injuring my head,     back and knee and was told by a neurologist I had bruised my brain causing me to have severe headaches.


  • Since I have started cranial corrections I am now walking flat on my foot (first time in 28 years), I no longer have severe headaches and the hand testing by the neurologist no longer shows brain bruising.  I look forward to having my cranial treatments and the extra energy that I receive from it as well.


                                                  Shari  J.    


  • My name is Kelley...
    To be perfectly honest, I was not open to seeing  Dr. Ross.  I felt that this "Bio-Cranial" that he believed in was just to "simple" to be true.  I had given up and was ready to accept that this is how my life (with Fibromyalgia) was going to be.   I only agreed to see him because I felt that I owed it to my husband who has been so supportive of me.

    After the first treatment I felt a change.   However, I did not want to believe it!  It just did not make sence, it was too simple.  I had been told over the last 3 years that fibromyalgia was a complex problem, and I thought to myself, "how could such a simple adjustment treat such a complex problem??"  and then I remembered what my Grandmother has always said to me. "simple is best" and you know what?  she's right.  By the way, she is 91 years old and my 14 year old has a hard time keeping up with her.
  • If you are thinking of trying this and are a little unsure.....just ask yourself, how many times have you gone to the Dr. asking for help? And how many Dr.s have you seen? How much time have you spent on the internet looking for relief?  How many books have you read on fibromyalgia?

    And finally, Dr. Ross is very passionate about his work.  He believes in his work and about all his patients.  He truly wants to help.  How many Dr.s have you met that truly want to see you get better?

    Like my Grandmother said, sometimes Simple IS Best!


                                               Kelley R. 

  • "...past three years my wife (Kelley) has dealt with the ugly hand of Fibromyalgia. I was skeptical, but thought, "what the hay! Give it a try." My wife has had three treatments now and is pain free...We'll continue the praises of Bio Cranial."

                                  -Steve R.


  • "(chronic) eye pain caused by pressure as a result of retinopathy and arthritis resulting in foot pain. Since Bio Cranial Therapy; decrease in foot pain by 75%. The ability to walk with no further pain. Cessation of eye pain with the first (Bio Cranial) adjustment. Clearity of mind. Restful sleep. Increase in concentration."

                                    -Frank I.  


  • "(I've been) in chemo therapy - no energy, very tight muscles...history of ocular migraines...(since the Bio Cranial) much more energy...after four treatments I have so much energy I was able to do housework for twelve hours, with short breaks -- without fatigue."

                                    -Margaret C. 


  • "......(3 1/2 year old daughter) has Spina Bifida, has only been receiving Bio Cranial for two months...the improvements are amazing...walking had become something that seemed impossible...her physical therapy has improved 200%, she's able to take a good 20 steps in her walker with braces.Nothing compares to the benefits and improvements she has made in the last two months. The Bio Cranial is the answer to my prayers."

              Thank you, Tyrena D.


  • "...I've seen five chiropractors, seven medical doctors (including four surgeons)...injuries include cervical disc herniation (surgery recommended), Cubital and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (surgery recommended), failed lumbar fusion and three head injuries. ...(after) six Bio Cranial treatments my extremity and trunk strength has increased 500%, my cognitive abilities have improved 50%, my vision has improved, my eyelid no longer droops, I am starting to sleep again. ...This is stunning, I feel a great gift has been given to me. Thank you very much."           -S 


  • "I have neuropathy in my feet and hands...after having the Bio Cranial therapy I notice that my legs feel stronger and less tired."                   Barbara K.


  • "...more energy, sciatica is gone, burning in feet has lessened and headaches are gone...TRY IT! I believe that it has in fact connected my head and body to be able to communicate once again."           Kathy W.


  • "...I can see clearer, I can walk up and down stairs with greater ease. I have more energy, I can hear better...NO MORE severe headaches...Have Bio Cranial Therapy and join in on feeling good about yourself in more ways than one."                                           Julia C.


  • "...less burning heart burn, less neck and back pain, more energy...I am recommending it to everyone I know."

                                                   Donna B.


  • "I had three Bio Cranial Corrections before I was in an auto accident...I believe that I will recover twice as fast because of the Bio Cranial Corrections. I feel much better two weeks after the accident."             Steve C.


  • "Low back pain gone, neck pain/tension greatly reduced. MUCH more relaxed throughout the day after a Bio Cranial treatment...people are getting such great results for this technique to be ignored."              Ryan L.


  • " (younger) daughter had an ear infection, she was also feeling really tired, after the Bio Cranial she seemed to be much happier, more awake and her ear hasn't bothered her since. I would recommend this therapy to everyone. It had immediate results for my daughter."      Tyrena D.


  • "...Dr. Ross explained the Bio Cranial approach that he was going to be including into my treatment, I couldn't wait...the simple 2-3 minute procedure keeps me going much longer than the traditional adjustments I was receiving."                                    John C.



about Dr. Ross...


"Dr. Ross is totally focused, educated, competent and knowing what he is doing. I feel totally relaxed when he is working on me."


"Dr. Ross really cares about his patients...he has a gentle approach and puts one at ease."


"Bio Cranial is doing everything he said it would."


"There are no words to express how I felt about the care Dr. Ross gives to me..."


"Listens and hears what I am saying, is very caring."


"Dr. Ross is an excellent chiropractor, I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. He is also very knowledgeable and up to date on health issues and information."


"Dr. Ross is a true professional...his constant research, knowledge, positive attitude are what I consider the most important and beneficial attributes in a health care professional. Thanks, Dr. Ross"


"I would recommend Dr. Ross to anyone. I am very comfortable with him. His is very concerned and gentle."


"Dr. Ross really care, he wants you to get/feel better - his explanations are easily understood. I want everyone I know to have the opportunity to experience Bio Cranial."



Cranial treatment does not  cure conditions, disorders or diseases. By improving the state of the cranial bones and vertebra the body is able to function at a higher level. The body heals, not the doctor.







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